Milton Powell & Partners

Thompson House
Austin College
Sherman, Texas

The historic Thompson House, circa 1895, is located on the campus of Austin College in Sherman, Texas. Originally constructed as the Victorian home of a pioneer Sherman businessman, the house has been restored and adapted for use as the headquarters of the Temple Center for Teaching and Learning, which is the Austin College education department. The adapted structure contains two computer classrooms, six professors’ offices, the department chair’s office, reception area, workroom, and support spaces. Additionally, the building was brought into compliance with all ADA standards, including the addition of an elevator within the core of the structure. Extensive research was done to determine color palettes and materials appropriate to the Victorian era. The final result is a functionally modern building adapted to the computer age with the appropriate restoration to the aesthetic grandeur of the late 19th century.


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Design Awards:

  • Merit Award - 2000
    Sherman Preservation League