Milton Powell & Partners

DeSoto Ninth Grade Center
DeSoto Independent School District
DeSoto, Texas

The challenge of this project was to design the 120,000 square foot Ninth Grade Center and the 44,000 sq.ft. Shared Facility, which is located between the Ninth Grade Center and the existing High School. The Ninth Grade Center sits on an elevated area adjacent to the existing High School with a commanding view of the overall campus and the ability to accommodate a future wing for the tenth grade. The Shared Facility contains a Technology Control Center, Library, Choir, and Vocational Departments. Connecting the three buildings is an enclosed air-conditioned corridor designed to facilitate student movement from one building to the other. The connecting corridor with ramps accommodates an 18-foot grade change from the existing High School to the Ninth Grade Center.

The DeSoto Ninth Grade Center is a project of Powell/PSP Architects, which is a permanent association of Milton Powell & Partners and PageSoutherlandPage.