Milton Powell & Partners

Grace Church
Master Plan, Addition, and Renovations
Dallas, Texas

In an effort to simultaneously determine immediate facility expansion needs within the context of longer term growth requirements, Grace Church, located on the northeast corner of Inwood Road and Northaven Road in Dallas, commissioned Milton Powell & Partners to prepare a Master Plan for the 6.1-acre site incorporating the existing 39,600 sq.ft. building.

Following numerous planning sessions with various sub-groups of the congregation, a new program of required spaces was developed and a new master plan for facility additions and renovations was prepared. The master plan includes 44,800 sq.ft. of new construction including:

  • 300-seat Proscenium Theatre with fly loft and support spaces
  • A new Entry / Main Gathering Space
  • A new 600-seat auditorium
  • Support spaces
  • New administrative offices
  • New 120-seat lecture / recital hall
  • Youth Area
  • Adult Education
  • Children's Education
  • New parking lot containing 150 spaces

The first phase of construction is complete, and provides the new Gathering Space and new 600-seat auditorium.

Design Awards:

  • The Construction Specifications Institute
    2010 Craftsmanship Award