Milton Powell & Partners

Mesquite Arts Center
Mesquite, Texas

This project involved the design of a 36,700 square foot municipal arts facility containing a 494-seat music performance hall, a black box theatre, a rehearsal hall, and support space. It serves as the cultural center for this community and is home to the Civic Chorus, Community Theatre, Community Band, and the Symphony Orchestra. The acoustical quality of the spaces was particularly important, as was acoustical isolation of all noise generators. To meet the extremely tight budget and yet achieve the spatial volume needed acoustically, tilt-wall concrete panels were used for the basic structure. Utilizing the L-shaped remains of an old hospital building, Milton Powell & Partners created a major courtyard used for outdoor events by adding the performance hall and entry/galleries. With the acoustical isolation achieved, performances can occur simultaneously in the performance hall, the black box theatre, and the rehearsal hall.


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