Milton Powell & Partners

Nacogdoches Amphitheater
Nacogdoches, Texas

Nacogdoches, the oldest city in Texas, has been revitalizing its downtown area for several years, and it is the home for numerous regional festivals, pageants, concerts, and dramatic presentations. Additionally, the city enjoys a close relationship with Stephen F. Austin State University.

Milton Powell & Partners has prepared the design of a new amphitheater that will connect downtown with the Banita Creek open space system. The goal is to use the amphitheater as another tool to enhance activity in the downtown area while simultaneously providing a much-needed venue for various performances. The site development requires the rerouting of Banita Creek while accommodating the required floodway zone. Two downtown streets must also be rerouted to create the proposed site.

The amphitheater contains 2,100 fixed seats and 1,500 “blanket” seats within the Banita Creek Park setting. The open stage is a full 40’x60’ with an overhead lighting grid for a multiple phase lighting system. A tension fabric roof, supported by “drill stem” columns reflecting the area’s oil industry, covers the stage and the fixed seating area. Additionally, the roof structure provides shade and acoustical enhancement. Native “Blue Marl” stone forms the stage wall and off-stage enclosures, as well as cladding the separate restroom/concessions building.